Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The story of Carla and Dave

Once upon a time, in the far off, magical land know as The Netherlands, there lived a beautiful maiden. Her name was Carla.

Now Carla was a great gal and she was loved by every one she met.

She was fortunate in that she had a wonderful family that loved her,

and she was freakishly good looking.

But still, Carla felt like something was missing.

She moved to Canada and started a small business where she sold sweaters.

Then she moved her business into a store where she turned average housewives into awesome goddesses of golden power and sunlight.

She had great friends and co-workers.

But still, she felt like something wasn't... you know... wasn't quite right.

Then one day a handsome stranger named Dave from Goodlookingtown flew into Toronto in his magical unicorn powered airplane and told Carla:

Carla's heart grew 10 times that day.

Even though he had just met her, Dave knew. Dave knew this was THE girl. 

They went on travels and adventures. She missed him when he was off helping sick people get home safely. 

They jumped off waterfalls and got matching Dora the Explorer tattoos on their bums. (totally true)

After awhile it became very clear that being not married was the dumbest thing they could think of doing, so Dave bought Carla a ring that made Ellen both happy and somewhat jealous dazzled like a star.

Carla said yes, because in addition to being beautiful, she's also very smart and she knew this was the best, most wonderful guy in, like, the whole world ever. Plus she really wanted that deck.

Their families were thrilled.

So Dave and Carla got engaged and started planning their lives together. Pretty sure it involves me somehow. Pretty sure.