Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Selkirk, 2.0. The Outdoor Series

Yes, I'm back home for a visit, and I thought I'd do another photo essay of my town. Selkirk gets kind of a bad rap. I've heard it referred to as a "Scuzz Town". Well, every town has its less than perfect qualities, and even if Selkirk is a little rough around the edges, I love it, in all its pot holed, red-necked, Crime Stopper footage glory.

Frosty Chuck

8 am. Where is everyone?

look up. waaaaaay up.

Time for a new sign, methinks.

I used to go down this back lane when I'd go over to Pam  Stewart's house to play Jello Tree Farm. I tried to get  a picture our our old backyard, mom, but there was some guy peeing up against our old garage. I didn't like to disturb him.

Important Selkirk Staple.

Sidewalk. Super treacherous.

The street where I lived

Rosser Ave

the other street where I lived.

frosty trash

I took a picture of this two years ago. It's still the same.

Manitoba Ave

Tres charmant. I will be going there this visit.

ubiquitous mucky snow hill in parking lot

Selkirk Bridge

I've never been inside.

I'm thinking of doing a photo essay of all the discarded beverage containers along the main street  here in Selkirk, but I don't think there's enough space in the internet to accommodate it.

No parking here, bitch. Just for emphasis.

You can't really tell, but that's a kid shovelling snow wearing shorts. It's -12 Celcius. Only in Manitoba!

A puddle or a massive pothole? Only one way to find out.

Electric Avenue


This house stands out and is all sunny and cheerful on a cold grey day. Yellow house don't care. Yellow house don't give a shit.

They tried.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Meh and Blah

For the past week I have been feeling out of sorts. Not depressed, but more like, Meh and Blah and Whatever. And it's starting to bug me.

I've tried all the usual things that perk me up.


And nothing. Not even the kitten in the top hat.

I blame it on March which is the longest month of the year, both emotionally and scientifically.

I am tired of snow boots. I look at my boots and I get mean.

Are you tired of winter? What are your sure fire ways to cure the glums?