Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Selkirk, 2.0. The Outdoor Series

Yes, I'm back home for a visit, and I thought I'd do another photo essay of my town. Selkirk gets kind of a bad rap. I've heard it referred to as a "Scuzz Town". Well, every town has its less than perfect qualities, and even if Selkirk is a little rough around the edges, I love it, in all its pot holed, red-necked, Crime Stopper footage glory.

Frosty Chuck

8 am. Where is everyone?

look up. waaaaaay up.

Time for a new sign, methinks.

I used to go down this back lane when I'd go over to Pam  Stewart's house to play Jello Tree Farm. I tried to get  a picture our our old backyard, mom, but there was some guy peeing up against our old garage. I didn't like to disturb him.

Important Selkirk Staple.

Sidewalk. Super treacherous.

The street where I lived

Rosser Ave

the other street where I lived.

frosty trash

I took a picture of this two years ago. It's still the same.

Manitoba Ave

Tres charmant. I will be going there this visit.

ubiquitous mucky snow hill in parking lot

Selkirk Bridge

I've never been inside.

I'm thinking of doing a photo essay of all the discarded beverage containers along the main street  here in Selkirk, but I don't think there's enough space in the internet to accommodate it.

No parking here, bitch. Just for emphasis.

You can't really tell, but that's a kid shovelling snow wearing shorts. It's -12 Celcius. Only in Manitoba!

A puddle or a massive pothole? Only one way to find out.

Electric Avenue


This house stands out and is all sunny and cheerful on a cold grey day. Yellow house don't care. Yellow house don't give a shit.

They tried.

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