I love needlepointing so much. It is the best freakin' thing ever.
Here are some things I've done.

Brick Tamland of Anchorman

Champ Kind of Anchorman

Ron Burgundy from Anchorman


Brian Fantana from Anchorman

the set is complete

East Lake chair made by my
great great
grandfather. Elizabeth Bradley Repeating
 florals pattern

Golden Girls

Casey and Finnigan

Leif Garrett tea cozy

Pencil case

Family Portraits

my first needlepoint handbag

purse with vampire and baby

"Beware Chicken of the Sea Kills" purse

Master and Commander with Cheese Doodle tote bag

"Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself... Honest" purse

purple abstract purse

"Her Mother Had Warned Her About Cowboys, But Henny-Penny
Was A Chicken, And She Had Needs" purse.

"Not Only Was Bryce Insensitive and From Mars, He Always Ate All the Donuts" purse

red abstract purse
Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag detail
dragon pillow. Extra dragonny

harp pillow made for Irishy friend.

Bach pillow for Brian's cousin

bolster pillow for Liz

Keanu pillow for Lisa


a tree, I think


evening bag for Leslie, an homage to the blog that ties us together for life.

evening bag for my mom