Tuesday, 5 March 2019

So, picking up as if four years haven’t passed.

Did I tell you guys we got a new cat over two years ago? Her name is Mickey (yes, named after my mother) but we occasionally call her Mertz, Weirdo and Shadow Killer. Our other animals are unable to keep their faces out of her butt. Apparently it is the most amazing smelling thing in the universe. I have not tested this theory.

I cut my hair super short and then grew it out again.

I started working at Yoka, my happy place, my Cheers, my financial downfall.

My neighbour Daisy passed away at age 90. I still think about her. She left everything to her church, who sold the house which was subsequently torn down. The new house will be… not to my taste, let’s say. There was a cease and desist posted for the building because they exceeded their height and did something weird with their foundation which I don’t understand. 

Crash Test Dummies are back on the road, here and there. It’s fun, but really quite exhausting. I’m not 25 anymore. Apparently.

I have gone to visit my mom as often as I can.

I got that wicked flu in 2017 and will henceforth be getting a flu shot because I never want to have to go through that again.

I lost five pounds and gained them back. Several times.

We put a moratorium on Vector in the house. Brian lost 7 pounds. I just ate more bread.

And a bunch of other stuff.

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