Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Hear You 2.0

I am a notorious eavesdropper. I've mentioned this in a past post and discussed things I have heard. It's an ongoing thing with me. Everyone is super interesting in their own way.  I get a little frustrated if I'm having a conversation with a dear, wonderful friend and I can't sort of listen in to some other potentially hilarious conversation that some strangers are having. Darn you, loved ones, for trying to engage me in meaningful conversation. 

Here are some snippets of conversations I have heard and noted over the past several months. I'm surprised I have as many as I do considering I never freaking leave my house. My house is safe. There are no social obligations to frighten me here. Anyway.

Three teenage girls on the street:

Two guys on the street:

And then there was this lack of insight:

Two girls, maybe 14 years old, at the beach: 

Kid to mother, very excited:

Woman to man coming out of ice cream store, and I really don't  think she realized what she was saying and that someone would overhear her and blog about it:

Overheard from inside the change room at Yoka Clothing Store: 

And my personal favourite, overheard two sweet children running in the street:

Don't think you're safe either. I'm listening and taking notes.

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