Saturday, 1 March 2014

Grump Begone

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not literally. I am unable to move from my side of the bed because I am encased in animals throughout the night and am pretty much rendered immobile. Oh the looks I get if I have to get up to pee. Such disdain.

So yah, woke up grumpy. Stayed grumpy. There really was no reason for the black mood. Slept ok, hormones are pretty benign, and had a clear schedule with only pleasant activities to choose from.
But go figure nature. I was cranky and nothing I did made it any better.

I treated myself to a rest day, even though running improves my mood, but the idea of getting on the treadmill made me feel like punching Brian in his pretty, pretty face and if I ruined his face, our marriage would be over. So I didn't run.

I had one of my fabulous black forest cake green smoothies.

I curled up with the cats.

I had an epic nap.

But nothing would made my emotional constipation budge.

What to do, what to do?

Sometimes the best way to improve one's mood is to think of things you are thankful for. So in an effort to scrape away the sludge of grump that coats my very being right now, here is a list of things I like about certain people in my life. Not an exhaustive list of people or attributes, but the internet is only so big and I need to save some space for rants about saving pigs and being ugly in junior high.

Of course, I have to start with Ryan because he is the wind beneath my wings.

Ryan: I love the way that when Ryan tells you a funny story, his eyes water and he has to stop midway because he is laughing so hard. He fell in love hard with his cat. He's got it bad.

Sheila: She makes going on crazy adventures seem easy. She looks better in purple than anyone else I know.

Sarah: When we are in her car, she will change the radio station if the music is too alternative for me. She makes the best canap├ęs.  I am so happy we are "fwends".

Megan: Tolerates my endless medical questions. Has the most interesting dreams.  Beauty. Once gave me a medical alert bracelet engraved with "Don't look at my bum".

Bettina: Reliable with mathematical precision. Takes care of everyone. Looks like a silent movie star.

Peter: Stands up for people who often get forgotten. Works hard. Laser eyes.

Cynthia: Knows all my secrets and still wants to be my friend. Graceful. Patient.

Robin: Enthusiastic. Open minded. Likes the exact same things as me. Walks the walk.

Roger: Kind hearted to the nth. Smart and funny. Abs.

Felicity: Goal achieving machine. Makes beautiful babies. Energizer playboy bunny.

Flay: Good looking. Sensible. Ridiculous.

I could go on and on. And I really should because I don't like leaving people off the list, but I have to stop somewhere and plus I feel much happier now.

Hurray for my friends for all they do and all they are and for killing off my bad mood just by existing.

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