Monday, 22 October 2012


So I went to Soupstock yesterday.

Writing about events after the fact is so unhelpful. But my blog is not here to help people. It's here to help fill the internet. The internet is hungry. Hungry for photos of food, kittens and celebrity bottoms.

Soupstock was an awareness-raising event about the environmental devastation that would be caused by the "Mega Quarry" proposed for an area north of Toronto. Loss of farmland and degradation of water supply are just two of the issues that event coordinators are hoping to highlight.

For more information on how much of a bummer is this Mega Quarry douchebaggery, check out this website:

The event was pretty packed - more than 200 professional chefs worked with tons of food donated from local Ontario farms.

There was a lot of sodium. No one was doling out Soups to Not Have a Stoke By.

I like salt.

There were musical acts, most notably Choir! Choir! Choir!, a Toronto based no-committment glee club. I am totally going to join.

But now, on to the soups. 

For $10 you got 3 bowls of the soup of your choice. 

There were only about 12 vegan options, so my choices were limited, but I was pretty pleased with my trio.

I started with an Autumnal Vegetable Soup topped with hemp seeds and pepitas, from the restaurant Fresh.

I followed up with a more brothy soup from LPK's Culinary Groove. It had bread (gluten free) in it. So I was happy.

And for dessert I had a raw spiced carrot soup with beet and kale chiffonade and cashew cream from Belmont Raw. Delightful.

I was so full of soup and sodium. I left a salt trail as I dragged my snail butt around the site.

It was a lovely fall day.

The perfect day to be a hippy.

i need to wear makeup sometimes.

I met this dog. His name is Zachary. He totally ignored me.

Soupstock, 2012. People were there and stuff.

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