Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pee rant

I travel a lot. A shop a lot. So I have a lot of experience with public restrooms.

So riddle me this. Why is it that quite often, in women's bathrooms there is always at least one toilet that has been completely splattered in urine?

I understand a dribble here, a drip there, that one might miss. People wipe that up when they see what they've done, right? Right? But how is it that people can basically stand 2 feet above the seat and pee hither and yon, and then just leave it there for some poor sot (me) to find and be horrified by? It's like they took a beaker full of urine, held it aloft and poured it over the toilet seat. Were there incantations? Curses spelled?  Have they no shame? Are they that lazy?

I'm sorry you have to see this. But you do.

See what I mean? What the hell!

Perhaps, you might suggest, that it is children or ill persons who are the offenders. There aren't that many children or ill persons in all of the malls, department stores, truck stops, restaurants and night clubs in the world.  It just doesn't add up.

And why is it that the bathroom in The Bay basement always smells like a urine soaked wool sock. Well, you don't have to answer that.

* I added the pee photo weeks after this post was originally put up. It makes more sense now if you know the horror of which I speak.


  1. The college I went to was the same, a pig sty mess. Enough for me to suggest a toileting 101 mandatory class.

  2. They've replaced the modern, highly efficient and modestly hygenic urinals in the men's rooms at my office with "green" urinals that use no water. This improvement means that the bathroom now smells like the one at my old college bar. One now stands quite close to a large and hungry white plastic frog mouth and tries to perform. Surreal, really (meditate on *that*).
    I used to see puddles around my feet (where else should one look?) and assume that the flushing action created a little splashing. Imagine my horror to find similar puddles in the no-flush design! I now need to stand spread-eagle to avoid getting *pee* on my shoes! Eeeew. No children or ill persons, although perhaps a very small penis can ... well, it's just too horrid to think on.
    I feel your pain. At least I'm just standing in it with a dry bum.

  3. Well, most women hover over public toilets. And most of the women can go without pissing all over the seat. Or they wipe it off. But if only one does not notice that she sprinkled (probably she had a really full bladder) and leave it, all the other women will not wipe off their own pee and so the toilet is going a lot nastier...