Monday, 4 April 2011


I think it's important to get this out of the way as soon as possible.

I love the word poo.

I'm not into looking at poo or checking out websites that have pictures of people's poo, nor do I want to "rate" said poos.

I just think the word is hilarious and try to use the word as many times a day as I can.


There. Just added to the quota.

I have a lot of excellent poo stories that I'd love to share with you. The first is one that my friends have heard a thousand times, but now I feel it is essential that the tale be shared with the greater population. You're welcome in advance.

I was traveling, as I do a fair bit for my work, with a colleague. We were waiting in a hotel lounge area to meet some people who would be interviewing us. My friend left me waiting for a few moments to use the facilities, and when he returned he asked me if I had a match because he just delivered the most impressive poop. I ran back to my hotel room, delighted and procured a small flashlight that happened to be attached to my keychain at the time. Was his poop so amazing that I would go from just loving the word "poo" to not being horrified by seeing it? It was time to take that step. Time to grow.

When I returned and met my friend at the restroom, he looked perplexed. And then I became confused.

The toilet bowl was empty. And the lights were working, so why would he need a light?

When he'd asked for a match, I assumed he meant that it was too dark to show me his impressive poop and that he needed a light to illuminate the masterpiece, not a match to mask the smell of his epic creation. I thought he'd been proud, not ashamed.

I was disappointed, yet relieved.

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