Monday, 11 June 2012

In the Battle Between Good and Evil Blog Posts, Good Will Be Victorious!

Like all bloggers, I keep track of my stats. I like to see which posts get the most views, which search terms have led people to accidentally land on my blog (sorry people who wanted naked pictures of Stevie Nicks) and which countries think I'm the prettiest (Guam, I guess). 

I also have noted that I recently "lost" a follower. This is so sad. What have I done that you should forsake me, friend? It's probably my mom. She gets weirded out by my constant references to poops and douche-bags and the weird crap she does when she gets super super super high on meth that she makes in her own bathtub. Sorry, mom. I really just need to express myself.


There has been an exciting trend in my stats: The Ted Nugent blog (May 20, 2011), long the most often viewed piece has recently been over taken by the Where's Allie Brosh blog (March 7, 2012). I've been watching this perfect storm approaching for months and people, it has been fascinating!

Many people viewed the Ted Nugent blog because they clicked on an image of him and it brought them to my site, where they were likely disappointed to find a rant on what an utter douche he is. The truth hurts.

Here's a short poem about it:

My Ted Nuge-ant
Is a Douche-rant
Has less views
Than A. Brosh's dos.

Many people viewed the Allie Brosh piece because they are fans of her blog and were looking to find out what is going on with her and are wondering if she's coming back.

And now my Allie Brosh bit has received more hits (in substantially less time) than the Ted Nugent bit. 

To me this is nothing less than good conquering evil, the sun dispersing the clouds, Harry Potter killing Voldemorte. 

A vote for Allie is a vote for humanity, equality and adorable kittens.

A vote for Ted Nugent is a vote for the zombie apocalypse.

I am so happy that the internet is choosing truth and light. Thank you internets. 

This is probably less interesting to you than it is to me. But I've had a fair bit of coffee and coffee makes me have opinions, damn it. 


  1. Let love reign! (And that should bring fans of The Who right here, where they should be, because Ellen is as talented with blogging as Townsend is with lyrics. And Ellen is not bitter and whiny like Pete.)

  2. My most viewed post is "the new adventures of the naughty school girl". Lets just say the search words to find scared me a little.

    Following back :)

  3. I think you're pretty and I don't even live in Guam (anymore).

    I distinctly remember that Allie Brosh used to post her blog (in the early days, before she was well-known) with the labels/ tags of "Jessica Simpson." She wrote a whole post about how she thought it would drive her traffic up.

    I am considering labeling my blog "Free Ferrari giveaway, I'm not kidding," or if that does not work, "Winning Lottery numbers from confirmed psychic." Or just "Jessica Simpson." No need to mess with a successful formula.


    1. Oh MOV, thank you. But I really look like oatmeal these days.

      WHy is it that you love Muse so much? Or do I have to read from the beginning?

  4. Zombie Ted's eyeing Allie with evil intent...

    1. Everything Nuge does is with evil intent! :-)