Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thankful Thursday - Rose Arbors

I love rose arbors.

I do not have a rose arbor. I don't think our yard would be condusive to one. But I love them. They make going down a path so much more of an event. 

Some might call them Horrific Tunnels of Bees.

I call them Potential Pathways to Enchantment. Portals to Whimsy.  But more likely they are passages to houses that have paved front yards.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But rose arbors kick ass and every time I see one, I feel better about the world. 

And then I think about Sarah Palin, and it's like Satan pooped on the most beautiful rose arbor in the world, and I am sad again.

But then I shut out all thoughts of Sarah Palin, and I'm back to just plain, poop- free rose arbors.

Sigh. I want a world in which everyone has a home, every home has a rose arbor and there is no Sarah Palin. I would be very thankful for a world without Sarah Palin. I probably shouldn't talk about Sarah Palin on Thankful Thursdays. I should save her for Tantrum Tuesdays. 

Let's go back to the rose arbor, shall we.

Deep, cleansing breaths.

Sarah Palin, be gone!

And you're there.


  1. No too many people can tie those two subjects together with a bow. I didn't see that coming. Very funny, yet very true. Poopy Sarah.

    1. I wouldn't say the two topics were tied together with a bow. More like forced together with a gun. But I do adore incongruous juxtaposition. As one does.