Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Guest Blogger - Leslie G.

Good Wednesday everyone, may I introduce to you one Leslie G. a friend of mine from the University of Winnipeg. Artist, Quilter, Activist and Professional Lute plater. Ok. I am not sure about the lute. She has some things to tell you about stuff and what not.....



I learned something on Monday.
 Sometimes when Ellen posts that she doesn’t know her next blog topic should be and you post a smart ass response, you may find yourself writing a guest blog. 
So here  I am. Thinking about what to write about. And then it comes to me. 
That’s right. My one (And mostly likely only) blog post is about glue.
My other option was to write about getting stepped on by a horse on Sunday. However, I don’t believe in rewarding bad behaviour. So, Skippy, you can just sit in the pasture and think about what you’ve done. Right now, I think you’re an ass hat and my foot still hurts. Ass hat.
And we’re back to the glue.  Ellen is a special person in my life. We haven’t seen each other in several decades and our online conversations can be described as somewhat random, but demmit....We’ve got glue.
You all know what I am talking about. People in your life that you have that connection with. You don’t necessarily see each other or talk every week. But, you have something that holds you together. Something that means you can meet up and continue where you left off like time stood still. It’s the glue. It’s magical and wonderful. In my world, I think the glue is pink and sparkly. Maybe we should cover Ellen in pink, sparkly glue. Just for shits and giggles (and maybe a youtube video). Oooh, or maybe for the next Crash Test Dummies album cover!
Even though Ellen and I don’t spend a great deal of time together (And yes, I’m jealous, Ryan McKnight. And yes, I did just call you out.), we are connected. For example, I absolutely know that if I was recovering from surgery and full of anesthesia and painkillers, that Ellen would take me to the parp. Our conversation would go like this:
Me: Parp?
Ellen: Parp!
We got glue. Enough said.
So, I encourage you all to take a minute to appreciate your glue buddies, near and far. You are stuck together in a weird and awesome way.
I would like to dedicate this Velvet Underground song to all of you gluesters and to a few people that I am absolutely blessed to be stuck with. This one is for you – Chicky, Avi, Weirdo, Francis and Peter.


  1. This blog was not a paid endorsement of me, but I am tickled, nonetheless, that Ms G said such nice things about me. I've always thought of myself as more relentless and leech-y than loyal. Potatoh, Potahtoh.

    Check out Ms G's etsy site:

  2. It's good to be sticky... and stuck!