Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tantrum Tuesday - My House Is Never Clean

Look at the beautiful sunlight streaming through my kitchen window:

Now look closer at the beautiful sunlight streaming through my kitchen window:

No amount of cleaning seems to help. I wipe off the nose prints and they return, tenfold, within about 10 minutes.  It is futile.

I sweep the floor. Then Sam thinks about the floor from 6 blocks away. The floor is covered in fur.

I change the sheets on the bed. Then we fart. And even if it doesn't really make the sheets "unclean", I know they've been farted in and I can no longer think of them as fresh. They are sullied.

I vacuum the basement. Sam chews his bone on the carpet so it's like walking on a beach in there. But without the relaxing and waves and sunshine. Just the stepping on bits of bone and crushed grit.

I dust, and three months later, I have to dust again!

There are always tiny bits of lettuce in the sink. 

Should I just give up and go to a "How Clean is Your House" extreme? 

If you need me I'm hiding under the pile of unfolded sheets.


  1. LOL "They are sullied."

    Try Beano before bed :)

    1. Beano is no match for what we do. It's astounding, really.

    2. I don't know how to reply to that, but now I'm a little freaked. Talk about your dutch ovens.