Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thankful Thursday - Nurses

How can I put this into words....

These people will more than likely hold your life/personal comfort/leg bag  in their hands one day, so you really need to suck up to them NOW! 

If I could stand the thought of putting an IV into someone, and if I wasn't convinced I would most probably earn the moniker: "Florence Deathingale", and if I wasn't so abysmally lazy, this is a career to which I would aspire. 

Nurses are the sh*t people!

My brother is a nurse. He is also the sh*t.

They have to deal with people at their absolute worst. They have to deal with human excretions of all sorts. They see people die All The Time. They work long hours with tons of responsibility, but none the authority that should go with it. 

If we've royally screwed up and allowed all of our friends to die before us (or have been such a life-long jackass that our friends have walked away) a nurse might be the only witness to our last hours and our passing to the great theme park in the sky. 

Nurses have to do the most awkward things to strangers.
I doubt they wake up before they go in to work saying "Hurray, I get to give an enema to an ancient crack pot today!"

They get bitten and punched. They have to lift people of all sizes. They get yelled at for not hurrying fast enough. They are not allowed to make mistakes.

So, nurses everywhere, I raise a glass of plastic covered apple juice to you in appreciation of all that you do for us, and for all that you will do for us!


  1. Thanks for the humorous perspective. Michael is in hospital and I have been observing these sadly unappreciated souls too often lately. They deserve all the apple juice they can afford.♥

  2. Sorry to hear about Michael, Denice. I wish him a speedy recovery! Nurses do rock.