Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thankful Thursdays - Naps

I am well aware that I am the luckiest Princess in Princessland. So when I talk about how thankful I am for naps, I do so with a big twinge of guilt because most people I know do not have the luxury of the daily nap. But I can't help but want to sing the praises of the sweet, sweet nap, despite the smirks that may result.

I nap pretty much every day.

I love naps. Like, really.

Sometimes for 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour. More often than I care to admit I have hunkered down for the three hour nap. Like Gilligan's fated tour, I don't expect to be gone so long. It just kinda happens.

This has been going on for years. Probably 15 years or so. Almost every day after lunch, I find that I need a little lie down. It used to be because I'd been to the gym or run 10 miles that morning. However, now, without exercising that much (or at all),  I'm usually not even that sleepy. I just need to lie down and be calm and quiet. And then I fall asleep anyway. Remember, my daily life is not exactly that of a stock broker or ER nurse. My days are placid. Beyond placid. So why I should need to find my mellow in a day that consists mainly of mellow, well, I don't know.

It's such a habit that Fiona, my beloved cat, will come and remind me that it's nap time if I don't show up at my usual time. She meows at me and then scoots upstairs ahead of me and jumps up on the bed. We're a couple of gals that love routine.

Still, I  have to be careful about my naps. If I nap too soon before I have to go out and do something, trouble can happen. I wake up from one of my three hour slumber benders and I feel like I'm in a fog for a good hour afterward. If I have to do something that requires decision making, or putting one foot in front of the other, chances are, I'm going to fail.

Luckily for me, the most I have to do in an afternoon is a couple errands, pick up a mountain of dog poo, laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning or accepting deliveries of running shoes and baseball hats from UPS because my husband is addicted to buying sports apparel on line. None of those activities require a fully functioning brain.

My nap dreams are always the most vivid dreams. They usually revolve around losing Gracie in a crowd, all of my friends hating me or suddenly realizing I've given myself a very drastic home perm. I don't have Nancy Trapp dreams anymore since I became her Facebook friend. Weird, eh? Maybe that's how you can get a song that's stuck in your head to stop, too. I have to become the Facebook friend of the theme song to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In my head for years. Years, people!

Anyway, let's hear it for naps. Hurray naps! You keep me from accomplishing greatness. Or anything, really.


  1. Oh man, I wish I had the time for an afternoon nap every day. Or any day. 'Totes amaze' as they say.

    1. I wish for everyone the bliss of the nap. We live in a totalitarian nap free society!

  2. I LOVE naps. LOVE them. I am so jealous of you.

    1. Don't hate me because I nap.

      Hate me because I'm a douche.