Monday, 23 July 2012

Karen's and My Secret Dance to Streetheart's Teenage Rage.

God Bless Can Con. 

Can Con is this government rule thing in Canada that radio stations have to ensure that 30-40% of the music they play is composed, performed or produced by Canadians (they have a ratio system that is boring and I won't outline it here. You can find out about it here if you are that bored.).

Because of this quota, I was exposed to a lot of music growing up that I might have missed and would have become a total Donny and Marie flunky. Happily, I was more into Canadian bands like Loverboy, April Wine, Luba and Streetheart. I never was a Rush fan. Sorry. I know. Kinda makes me a horrible Canadian. But as we know, listening to Rush only leads to online gaming. And we know how that story turns out, don't we.

When we were teenagers, Karen and I used to love the Canadian band Streetheart. You might recall in a previous post how Karen could make me do pretty much anything, from dragging her around by her ankles because she was too lazy to walk, to chasing rabbits all summer, to waiting for hours while she argued with her boyfriend about nothing. Usually she promised me a popsicle.

Well, there was one time when I convinced Karen that it was a good idea to do something I wanted us to do and that we needed to   choreograph a dance to the Streetheart song, Teenage Rage. I present it here for you viewing pleasure and my humiliation. 

Please recall that I looked like this:

We would perform this sensual dance for no one. We'd be in my parents' basement each of us standing on one of the two couches we had down there. 

What we thought we looked like:

What we actually looked like:

We'd start off with a hank of yarn for a fake microphone, but would soon abandon the prop in order to better tell the story of Teenage Rage through the elegant medium of dance. We'd jump off the couches and the dance would ensue.

Did you note the super literal dance interpretation of the lyrics?

Did you note the wrist rubbing move that really ties the whole piece together?

I really need a haircut, holy crap.

Ya. Me and Karen. We knew how to have fun.


  1. Lisa Wells said:

    Laughing my ass off!!!!!

  2. I think the wrist-rubbing move came from Rick Astley. That's right, you spent a lot of time watching the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up."

    You belong on a stage!

  3. I had just assumed the wrist rubbing thing was an homage to the song of the cricket children.

  4. NOW I'm worried about you

  5. you go girl. My absolute favorite Streetheart song. I go to see them everytime they play in Winnipeg and luckily that is a few times a year. Maria