Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey there.

Today is a big day for me and for the universe, like I mentioned in the title of this blog.

It's a big day for the universe because today marks the 200th blog entry that I have put forth to the world. 

Two hundred groups of 1's and 0's. Many more than 200 highly rendered and expertly executed drawings. Two hundred glimpses into my soul. Thank you for reading and for commenting! 

It's a big day for me because it's my 7 year First Date-a-versary with Brian. Hard to believe that it was 7 years ago tonight that I had my first date with my destiny. My farty, farty destiny.

Who would have thought that on that chilly November evening at C'est What in Toronto, I would have met the man I would eventually settle for. I wonder if he ever conceived his expectations and hopes for life would be so completely and harshly dashed.

Oh the sacrifices we make for love.

But that first night we had a very nice time. Asking all the usual questions. Thinking the usual things to ourselves:

             Her: He seems nice. I wonder if he's got a panel van parked outside and I'm going to be chopped into bits and thrown into a gorge by the end of the night.

            Him: Boobies!

So a big thank you to you, dear readers, and to you, dear husband, for sticking with me for this long.


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