Saturday, 29 December 2012

Apres Holiday

Hi there,

Hope your holidays were all you hoped they would be! Or at least that you survived them and that you got some decent loot.

Sally from Charlie Brown once famously said "Christmas is for getting all you can while the getting is good". Words to live by, Sally, words to live by.

We had a nice quiet day. My mother made the trek east and we invite our elderly neighbour over for Christmas dinner every year, but other than that, it was a solid week of lolling around, lifting our hands languidly toward to cookie tray and wondering should we "do" something today? And then laughing.

Mom helped me with my knitting and I've almost completed a wonky scarf. Thanks for the tips, mom! We have a good time.

I love knitting and visiting with my mom. She gets so distracted with counting her stitches that I can weasel her into telling me secrets from her past.

Brian spent the entire week in the basement with his dog, beer and sports from 20 years ago. Seriously. He was yelling at the TV while watching a game from 1992. This is Brian's idea of heaven. He also got caught up on pvr'd episodes of American Horror Story - Asylum because I've decided I can not longer watch it. There's enough creepy evil in the world. Jessica Lange is fabulous, though, to be sure.

Least Christmassy show ever.

Now mater has returned to her wintery home in the frozen tundra of just outside Winnipeg.

 Her cats gave her a hearty welcome and we can resume our online games of Scrabble (to be honest we still played online Scrabble while she was here, taking turns at the computer. What has the world come to!)

Tomorrow the in-laws come for lunch and presents - my mother in law is bringing, basically, the entire menu, so there's not much for me to do. Other than vacuum. I mean, a lot of vacuuming. And that will herald the close of festivities for 2012. On to 2013 and new mild adventures and craft treats and stories about my cat and my huge feet.

Happy Holidays all!


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