Friday, 28 October 2011

Foodie Friday - For the Love of Norway

Frognerseteren Restaurant, Oslo, Norway.
In my travels with work, I was fortunate enough to have been treated to meals at some of the most amazing restaurants that the local record company office expense accounts could afford. One of the more memorable of these restaurants was the Frogneresteren in Osol, Norway. (

Norway effing rocks, man.
 I love northern Europe. I love southern and middlin’ Europe, too. But I feel a kinship with the Scandanavian countries and the Low Countries as well. There’s something comforting for me to be around people who are tall and weird and like clogs. 

totally typical scene in Norway

Did you know that the modern day cheese slicer was invented by a Norwegian, Thor Bjorklund? Well he did, and if you enjoy your cheese sliced as opposed to in unmanageable hunks, you have a Norwegian to thank for that.

Thor and his amazing cheese slicing invention

Cheese slicer so incredible, it got it's own commemorative stamp.

Norway also looks a lot like parts of Canada, with pine trees and rocks and whatnot. Like precambrian shield that I love so very much.

Frodo was Norwegian

It was our first trip to Europe in 1991 and we were being treated very well by our European record company liasons. There were shows to do, and Brad always had a lot of press to do, but there always was time for a lavish dinner hosted by BMG reps. In Oslo, Irene took us to Frogneresteren at the top of a ski hill with fabulous views of the city below.

pretty awesome, eh?

Like a nordic Hogwarts, but that has a weird language.

When we were there we signed the guest book and John Cleese had been there just a week or two before us. Fancy, eh? They serve reindeer. I mean as food, not as customers, although the Norwegians are so friendly and forward thinking, they probably would serve reindeers. But in a separate room. They aren’t that liberal.

I don’t actually remember much about the meal, other than it was lovely. But for dessert I had a bowl of ice cream with tiny cloudberries - a nordic fruit. 
I remember it most precisely because there was another BMG rep, whose name escapes me, but she was a young, and very cute woman, and the boys were flirting innocently with her throughout the meal. 
When my dessert arrived I remember I looked straight at her, and she watched me as I picked up my spoon (still looking at her, mind you) and I drooled directly into my bowl of ice cream.

This was not in any way a sexy thing.
She politely looked away.
I have never forgotten this moment. I was totally humiliated.
Of course, Elpoo of today would have guffawed and made some sort of joke, but I guess Elpoo of yore was a little more sahnahteeve. Silly Elpoo of yore.
I’ve since got over the whole issue and have kind of done a 180. I will go out of my way to embarrass myself with food.

Anything. For. A. Laugh.
Eh. Neh. Thing.


  1. It worked! I am laughing hysterically and my facial muscles are cramping badly. Also my tummy hurts. Your comedic talents -- as both a visual artist and a writer -- are quite painful then, in a way. Please don't chew up Oreo cookies in your mouth and then offer a toothsome smile for the camera. I would be undone! (Please do this).

  2. How did you go to Frogneresteren? By metro/tram I hope! We did that 4 years ago, what an amazing ride that was! Stunning views! Had the reindeer too, it tastes marvelous!

    Cheers Marcel

  3. i seem to recall another cute, young record rep who DIDN'T shy away from your food hijinks. one who actually joined in, in fact. why don't you mention HER in your damned blog, huh???

    oh right, because she was not from norway.

    never mind...

    danny devito

  4. ok, cloooud berries!! That sounds like the most amazing thing ever. The last time we went out for a nice dinner kinda late, I asked if they served desert before I ordered then when they brought the food made sure they were still serving desert...i get irritated when they bring out 2 spoons. MINE!

  5. Marcel, it was 20 years ago that we went to that restaurant! Holy Crapsticks. It was fabu.
    Danny Devito, just you wait. A large blog entry about you and I and Portugal could be your just desserts.
    Danielle, I am SO with you. The dessert I order is MINE, but the french fries you order are for both of us. Am I right?