Monday, 12 March 2012


I know that's grammatically "creative". It was late. And I'm an artist.


  1. "I know that's grammatically "creative". It was late. And I'm an artist."

    Yes you are dearie, and you have set our imaginations free on this one.

  2. As a generally embarrassing man who's currently enjoying prematurely losing what little in the way of looks he had, I urge you to reconsider.

  3. Let me but say, you great day have too!
    Love from Holland X M

  4. Hi Ellen! I am a fan... um, I hope you see this comment and can confirm that I can order your CD via your link on this blog (sending Paypal $20 to Mr. Friendly productions?) WIll that work? WIll I get a CD?

    I love your voice, always have in the Dummies... I also feel a heel... for years, I owned a downloaded from newsgroups copy of God Shuffled His Feet... now I realize how pathetic that is... you make the music and don't get any money for it... so I'm trying to rectify that. anyways, could you please let me know if you album IS available per that PayPal Link? BTW, another person were also wanting to buy your CD, see comments on the YouTube uploads of some of your songs...

    Take care, thanks for making the music. You're not just a backup singer, silly

  5. Hey Stephan,
    Yes you can order my cd - just scroll to the top of the page here and click on "Buy my CD of Heart Wrenching Whiney Vagina Music". That's the link to buy my cd via Paypal. You will get the cd!

    Thanks very much,
    Elpoo (Ellen, not jus the backup singer. I'm also a former Brownie)

  6. Ahahaha! I have a draft of a post somewhere about childhood crushes too!

    I think you should totally write it. :)

  7. Ellen Lloyd and I are now BFF's. Everyone else back off.


  8. OK I will do that... i listened to some of the tracks on YouTube... very ethereal... Canada's Enya! kidding. thanks...