Friday, 8 July 2011

A Blog Recommendation

I know I was just ragging on about other blogs that I've stumbled across that are weird and kinda lame. But I did find one, lately,  that I find rather charming.

There's just something about this gal I like. She's the adult daughter I would like to have had if I'd been a teen mom. Mind you, she could be a serial killer. So I wouldn't, like, you know, just show up at her house or anything. She's probably not a serial killer. She makes little things that are squishy.

She has a bald cat. And a furry husband. Kind of the opposite of me. Her blog is sweet and simple and doesn't go on about Jesus.

Here is her blog. Go have a peek. And she's got a contest on to win one of her little plush cutiepies.

Let's make her famous!


  1. Ok how did I miss this!? Haha I just read this aloud with a big smile on my face all mongoloid like. Ok and the reason I was at your blog for the 2nd time today waaaas, OK THIS IS WIERD!

    Ed's cousin is here and brought him a bunch of vhs of this show called fish masters. Ed loves the main guy Carl Edge. He is Ed's celebrity, you are mine(you're way more famous).I'm telling Ed's cousin how funny your blog is, go to bring it up to give him an example, Ed plays the vhs and there's you are on the closing of SNL!...Ok how weird is that... weird right? Now I reeally sound like a serial killer.

  2. You both really need better celebrities. Having me as your celebrity is like, well, like having a Pacer, when you could have a mustang convertible. You like in California for God's sake. But I will be happy to stand in until you find someone who is actually famous. You are too sweet.

    SNL was, almost 18 years ago. Martin Lawrence was the host. He was outstandingly rude and awful.