Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Brian!

My husband’s birthday is today. He is now 43. Yes. He’s a younger man.
My angry young man.

So I thought I would pay tribute to him by sharing a few “Flayisms” with you. Some of these are things that Brian has said many many times over the course of our relationship, others are one-offs.

 I have no idea why he would say this. But he did:


Brian has saved a couple of those cardboard beer can carriers that they used to have at the LCBO (Ontario Liquor Board Store). He thought that this made him a magical unicorn. He has said that he is a "Legend at the Liquor Store". I am sure that this is true for reasons other than the cardboard beer carriers.

 Enough said.

Whenever I tell Brian we have a social engagement that is mandatory: 

Whenever I tell Brian we have to do something that is mandatory: 

Every Friday, Brian says:

When I’ve called him contradicting himself:

Whenever he does something awesome, or shameful or illegal: 

Says this every night. EVERY Night!!!!

Brian is convinced that he is going to win the lottery. He says he "just has a feeling". He also says that:

Brian hates The Beatles. Whenever The Beatles come on the radio, and that happens once in awhile, Brian says:

After the millionth time of seeing the Sonata Hundai ad

While driving in our rented Zipcar one day, Brian did a fancy manouever to get around another car, thus saving us many seconds. He laughed maniacally and yelled “Screw You, ha ha ha I’m the best guy ever”; I loved this one so much I put it to music. Here’s my birthday card to Flay.

I love you, you old gas bag.

*fresca can image from bluewalrus.org


  1. Best. Birthday. Video. Evah! Happy Birthday regards to Mr. Flay.

  2. Lisa Wells said:


  3. Happy Birthday, Brian!! :D

  4. Haha hilarious blog! Happy birthday Brian!!!

  5. omg, could you two be any better matched??? i haven't even met the guy but i love you both. happy barfday, brian!

    jules xo

  6. Preying on the younger men Nice!!!! Good Job Ellen! HB Brian