Monday, 16 May 2011

Quick post to remind you to keep thinking about me and the things I like and the things I do.

Hello from the road.

I think I lost my camera. I'm usually pretty good about not losing important things. I lost my favourite Ryerson sweatshirt last year. Now a camera. It's all going downhill.

The gig tonight is in a strip mall. Next door, there is a hardware store, where there is a guy who work there who has a pig as a pet. I'm going to go and check it out soon. I'd take pictures of said pig, but I lost my camera. Did I mention?

This is a dull post, so I will add this for your amusement. Taken at our New York show at The City Winery, May 14, 2011

photo by Joe Fontana*


Here's our gig tonight. You can see the Walgreen's in the background where I bought my new crappy camera. Even though the show is in a strip mall, the people are nice, and it's a nice gig. The Walgreen's is everything you could imagine it might be. They sell cameras, drugs, groceries, makeup and horrific plush toys.

Time for soundcheck. I have a headache. 
Please leave me comments. It makes me feel validated. Like parking. Only not so car-ish.



  1. How sad is my little life. I read your blog, looked at your pictures, then thought to myself, "Gosh, I've always wanted to go to Walgreen's."

  2. Hi Ellen-I love your blog and I want to validate your right to have a blog and share as much information as you feel like sharing. Don't stop man. I like a Walgreen's myself. I hope you are doing well - Michelle

  3. I am emailing you a validation stamp that is much prettier than parking ones. I hope your headache goes away and you find your camera. And your sweatshirt. There should be a universal lost-and-found. I have an earring that might be there -- will you check if your tour takes you there? xox from robinanna

  4. wow, walgreen's i've only ever been to cvs, sigh. but then, i've also danced naked in the rain on top of the burial place of an ex-lover. still, a girl can dream. ps if you find the earring, sweatshirt and camera can you look around for many socks?

  5. I found my damned camera. In my stupid purse. The earring, of course, is in my sock drawer. My Ryerson sweatshirt is in the goodwill in Baltimore. I'd venture.