Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Asia and the awesome stuff from there I like.

I love traditional Asian design and stuff.
Particularly Chinese, Japanese and South Asian, but not exclusively.
If I could, I would live inside a red enameled Chinese jewelry box, wear saris and read novels written by Ishiguro and Murakami. All. Day. Long.

used to be William F Buckley's sitting room. Snazzy!

I would look awesome in this room

You can't help but look elegant.

This is cooler than your jacket.

Next time I get married, I'm wearing this.

Ishiguro, I heart you!

In my old condo I have my office painted by Lori Lemare and Lori Klassen of Lori Lemare Studios to look like that jewelry box of my dreams.

I have a few things from China, or inspired by Chinese design, that I love. Many were given to my grandmother by a friend of hers who was  missionary in China in the 1920's.

Blue and white traditional pattern tea cup (love this) small wooden box with etching, small dipping dish.

Plate and teapot bought in Shanghai flea market. Cat bought at Humane Society.

Chinese embroidered slippers. No, Bill B., they do NOT fit me.

Chinese slippers.

detail form embroidered Chinese shoe

filigree dish with Chinese lettering on underside

Ivory Mah Jong set. MUST learn to play!

very small brass dish with enamel paint

Small brass tray. I think it might be for incense.

small brass dish

detail from painted plate from Lori Lemare Studios

ivory domino set

My bed was hand carved in India.

paint treatment by

Stir fried pea shoots put me into raptures. 

Photo  from neat blog about Asian food

Edamame is the best snack food. Naan bread is bread on 11.  I really can’t do Dim Sum, sashimi or curried goat.

                      This guy says it's awesome and he took this picture. I say no. Not for me.

 Guess I’m just a dabbler. But an appreciative dabbler, if that counts for anything.

Panda bears are the best kind of bears (koalas are a close second). 

Anyone who does not want to hug this Panda is evil and should die.

I want to hug this panda and am willing to pay a lot of money, plus pick up their poop, in order to do so. I want to go to this:

Japanese silks, Chinese water colours, Indian tapestries and sari fabric. These things freakin' rule.

available from White Dog Vintage White Dog Vintage on Etsy

sari fabric

common theme, bird and branch. Heaven.

Silk fabric

not sure what this is but it's awesome

I have done several Asian themed needlepoints.

needlepoint slipper ornament. No, Bill B., it does not fit me.

At one point there was a dragon in every room of my house. I mean, like, in a pillow or a painting. Not like a real dragon. That would have been weird and crowded.

needlepoint carpet and stool voer. Stool is a Chinese rice chest.

I went as a geisha for Halloween once when I was little. Used a real kimono that we had in the house. A friend of my grandmother’s was a missionary in China back in the 1920’s and used to send my grandma all sorts of gorgeous things. We also used a pair of black tights to make my hair do. Desperate times call for desperate, weird - yet creative - measures.

I used to like the band Asia, but then I found out they had nothing to do with Asia or Asian art and culture so I totally stopped listening to them. Plus, they were pretty awful.

Viggo Mortensen, Jeff Daniels, Elijah Wood and some British dude, but it might also be Kristy McNicol.


  1. so much fancy! I cant believe that's your bed D:

    Now *ahem* in my best asian accent, "prease send me your email address". Or e-mail me first danielleorama[at]hotmail[dot]com I made you a a banner and you should use it!

  2. Oo, thankins. It looks nice, eh ("Eh" is Canadian for "Doesn't it?)

    i have a lot of fancy because I have been alive twice as long as you.

    Bloody hell.

  3. oooh, I rike da banner

    and Geoff Downes ( I mean Erijah Wood.)

  4. The red banner was made special like for me by Daniella at

  5. Pretty cool Elpoo But Kristy McNicol may not appreciate with the statement lol Keep on blogging girl

  6. ...eeeyah...I got that from Danielle saying, "I made you a banner."

    She's way legendary. I'm still waiting for her husband's video game to come out.

    Sometimes I think you blog, Elpoo, just to probe the minds of us 99% civilians*.

    *Civilians - Johnny Carson's definition of anyone not in show business.

  7. nice things which you have from china specially plates ,shoe and last needle made things like bag and pillow so you had great moments from china and best of luck for the next