Friday, 20 January 2012

Foodie Friday - St. Lawrence Market

If beautifully photographed cookbooks can be called “food porn”, then St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is the Red Light District”. And I am a total whore.

Many people have blogged and photographed St. Lawrence Market and have extolled its great virtues and whatnot. And they have their own website.

But you're here now, and if you are like me, you're too lazy to keep looking, so here you go. 

I love grocery shopping, and I love grocery shopping without a list. This is an amazing place to go if you want to get stuff that you think at the moment is awesome,

 but will likely moulder in your pantry because you have no bloody idea what to do with amchur powder.

When it was warmer out I liked to hop on my lady bike and head over to the market to get fabulous fruits and vegetables,

 and big dog bones for the dogs who are ungrateful little buggers but I love them in my fashion.

they don't deserve my kindnesses, my dogs.

I have to be careful in the bulk food section because I will buy too much of what I need and top it off with a bunch of tiny bags full of mysteries that I don’t need. It’s just like... it’s all there... and I can’t stop... and it’s shiny.... and the aisles are so narrow.... and I feel pressured....

ssssssaaaaaaaaallllllltttttyAdd caption

pistachios that at first glance look like teeming maggots maybe. Yum.

Mmmmmmmmilk. Yes. I grew up on this. We all did.

You can buy 10 billion kinds of rice there. Not sure if they stock Minute Rice.

Rube's House of Rices

All things ground up and grainy
There is more cheese than even my crafting crew would know what to do with. 

I love cheese. I like eating it, looking at it, thinking about it. Cheese is my muse.

So Much Candy!


Baking Heaven!


Condiments and Pickled things.



crabby legs

Bread! Oh. The bread.

my lunch snack. Bagely goodness.

There is other stuff, too. Like hats and jewelry. 

And the most jam packed kitchen gadgetry nook ever, which has an awesome array of cookie cutters, tea pots and shenanigans.

no room to swing a cat.
gadget mecca

many cookie cutters.

I think I'll go back and get that elephant tea pot. Because without it, I am nothing.
how have I survived this long without all of these things in my kitchen?

Fresh Pasta

Old World style deli fabulousness. I'm talking to YOU Cheryl McKinnon. 

And it’s all housed in a grand old market building. 

You should totally go there.
St. Lawrence Market has a Farmer’s Market on Saturdays that is very cool, but also very crowded. Get there at 4 am to hang out with the city’s chefs and tired farm folk.  There is an antiques market on Sundays. It’s fun to buy crap from there.


  1. I do all my food shopping at 7-11.

    I bought a 'meat sandwich' there once and washed it down with 4 redbulls.

    I then played Black Sabbath at 78 speed on my old record player.....I saw god.

  2. This place looks AMAZING!!! It would probably take a week to see it all. I'm for the elephant tea pot myself! :)

  3. I haven't been in a LONG time. Gotta get back there sometime.

    They carry SHARK now? Poor shark (in all my hypocrisy). I would have to complain about that.

  4. i go pretty much every saturday morning. i love it there! my favourite is the organic market which is just open on saturdays... maybe one week you will come saturday although i warn you the crowds are maddening! the pictures are fab elpoo and some of them are making me hungry (but i'm always hungry)! xo

  5. I swear, I could smell the fish.

    My MacBook Pro will never be the same.

  6. I have no idea how I feel about cherry kolbassa [sic]. I am intrigued, yet repelled. And so very curious.

  7. Elizabeth MacGregor21 January 2012 at 02:22

    Why complain about shark? It's a good meaty fish and hardly endangered. What a marvellous photo exhibit, Ellen. Well done! I pass by there every day taking my boy to school and am compelled to go in constantly - that magnetic field of yumness. BTW they only sell challah on Fridays.

  8. Wow.

    Just wow.

    I really want to go now.