Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pinterest is ruining me

As many many many many of you noticed, I didn’t post a blog on Friday. I was just not feeling it on Thursday. I wanted to needlepoint, and I’d just had ANOTHER stupid stomach bug and the thought of writing about food for Foodie Friday still wasn’t making me tingle with glee (Suffice it to say, I will never eat dried kale chips again).

I felt queazy just uploading this from

Another reason I didn’t post is because I have been mired in the time suck that is “Pinterest”.
Pinterest is a website thing that you have to be invited to sign up for where you create your own little virtual pin boards. You can post pictures that you find from the internet, or upload your own, into categories like home decor, fashion, books, icons, travel, etc. It’s just a way to share things you like with millions of strangers, which, as you know, totally appeals to me. My brother in law’s girlfriend gave me an invite and I haven’t got out of my pyjamas since.
It’s a very squeally lady site where you can imagine bazillions of stay at home moms, bored women, women who should be tending to their careers, women who should be stopping their children from putting forks into electrical outlets,  women who should be bathing more frequently ... they all come together (yet separately) to jump up and down and screech “Oh My God, I love that TOO!! 

I haven’t seen a lot of men posting on Pinterest. It’s too bad. I’d like to know what a man’s dream home looks like. Then again it’d probably just be a million posters of big boobed women on cars under neon beer signs. 
Some call Pinterest a source of inspiration - a good place to look for visual resources for projects you might want to pursue. For me it has been the spark that ignites an inferno of rage against my dogs for standing between me and having nice things.

Can't have nice things because of this thing.
Can't have nice life because of this thing.

Oh I LOVE that all white room with silver and blue accents and the shabby chic accessories and the white washed wide plank floors, too...

but I can’t have it because my freaking dogs would ruin it within 30 seconds with their sandy paws and their talent for barfing on unwashable things. 

On Pinterest, like with blogs, you have people you “follow” and people who “follow” you, but you can also view the pins of the general Pinterest community. It is interesting to see what people think is awesome. Interesting to see what people describe as art. Those weird gothic looking drawings of crying, wide eyed girls in black just waiting to cut themselves, these are super popular.

As are photos of things made with potatoes. 

Many people love prom dresses that look like purple homages to frothy vomit. 

Why? Just. why?

Some want to look like vampires in their nightgowns. 

True Blood audition

Some want a dress that is also a swimsuit. 

You will be photographed in this dress. It will be committed to a storage medium somewhere FOREVER.  Think carefully before you start down a road that will only lead to heartache, smoking and beer parlours.

There’s something for everyone on Pinterest. 

It has inspired me to take a bit more care with how I decorate my home. Maybe I will take on one of those little projects that others who are, basically, exactly like me have posted. It’s made me aware of a few things that I hadn’t noticed about myself and my home.

Firstly, in every room of my house there is a visible bottle of some cleaner of some sort. Always on a countertop looking all out of place, full of chemicals and good intentions. Windex on my bathroom counter, spot cleaner on the book case (for easy and frequent access), bath tub cleaner in the laundry room. Not sure why. Lemon oil bottle on the window sill. 

Portrait of Sam, with Lysol.

Why is there Lysol in the bedroom? Do not ask. Do not ask. It's like I have Lysol as a decorative echoing accent piece in every room of my house. Must learn to put things away.

It’s like the droppings I’ve left after cleaning, just to mark my territory and to prove to someone, anyone, that yes, I was there. And at one time it was cleaned.

Secondly, I don’t care for potatoes.


Also, even though I am drawn to brightly coloured clothing, the majority of my closet is grey-ish. Hmm. Must change that.

I have no foyer and so I am drawn to all foyers. It’s like my house is a whore and will let anyone and everyone all the way in without so much as an introduction or a get-to-know-each other cocktail. I need a foyer, dammit. I’m a lady.

all foyer photos from I know I've posted a lot of foyer photos here. Probably more than is warranted, but I really love foyers.  And isn't it all so pretty? I want this and that and that and that...

I have decorated my home very safely. There’s nothing brash or unexpected here, aside from a glass encased puppet from the God Shuffled His Feet video that makes my Catholic friends and and trade workers who have to come in, really uncomfortable. 

I’d write more on this subject, but I need to get back to Pinterest and see what other people like so I can decide what I like.


  1. YESSSS!!!! I love Pinterest!!!!

  2. I like the puppet-Pinerest will only make you have issues with what you dont have or can't have like the God Shuffled his feet video puppet ...Oh that's not on pinterest that's on elpoo's blog Same thing I guess. I'll choose Elpoo's blog at least I laugh there

  3. I love your writing. Makes me laugh, thanks. Also, why do you draw yourself with such big feet? You don't have big feet.

  4. Pinterest -- the place where I become creative, stylish, all powerful just by pinning a picture or two.

  5. Lisa Wells said:

    Droppings...hahahaha! The God Shuffled His Feet puppet is fricken awesome! It's so cool tht you have him. For some reason, I didn't realize he was that big. Very, very cool.

    Must check out Pinterest...

  6. it seems like the puppet got the reflect of the dog food bowl on his hands...